ICAE National Council

President: Margo Bernath
Vice-President: John Miskell
Secretary: Vacant 
Treasurer: Glynis Golden

Local Councils

Children of the Red Feather Council
Southeast Council
President:  John Finch
Vice President: Alena Alasdar
Secretary: Brittani Alvarez 
Treasurer: Vacant      

Keepers of the Eastern Flame Council
Northeast Council
President: Angelo Napoli
Vice-President: Darlene Cray
Secretary: Sandy Wygledowski
Treasurer: Glynis Golden 

Texas Council
Dallas, TX Council 
President:  Theresa Hoover     
Vice-President: Dale Glenn 
Secretary: Luke Conder
Treasurer: Vacant

Prairie Winds Council
Midwest States Council
President: Bill Woods
Vice President: Kelly Sheridan
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Open

Journey of the Spirit Council
Northwest States Council
President:  Lorraine Bellanger     
Vice-President: Kieran Knutson
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Robert Mattsen

West Bear Claw
California and West Council
President: Kathleen C. Lyons
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary: Julie L. Hermsmeyer
Treasurer: Pamela G. Dealy

Protectors of the Plains 
Oklahoma Council 
President:  Blake Liebmann     
Vice-President: Dan Bishline 
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Jeff Oliver

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is "ICAE"?

"ICAE"(pronounced "EYE KAY" stands for Inter-Tribal Council of AT&T Employees. It is The only AT&T recognized ERG for NATIVE AMERICANS. ICAE has established a cultural development arena which helps with career advancement and education, and encourages a better understanding of all employees, more specifically Native Americans. Before formation there was no official voice speaking to the leadership of AT&T on issues & concerns of Native American AT&T employees. We are that voice. We are a source for enhancing the awareness of all people within & outside AT&T.

2. What is an "ERG"?

"ERG" means Employees Resource Group. An ERG is an employee group that is a full business partner with AT&T to develop the corporate diversity strategy, focusing on advancing AT&T's business strategy, and being employee advocacy resources which encourage good-will and community involvement.

3. Do you have to be a Native American to join?

No.  ICAE is open to all AT&T employees who supports ICAE's mission and goals. ALL brothers & sisters of the Great Father are welcome.

4. Do you have to be an active employee to join?

No. Membership is open to all AT&T employees: active or retired who are supportive of this organization's mission and goals. Only an active employee can hold a National office.

5. How do I find the chapter I would belong to?

ICAE’s local Councils are listed on the left hand side of the page. The membership chair will place you in the local council that is closest to your physical location. If you have a particular preference of a specific Council please contact the Membership Committee chairperson.

6. How much does it cost to join?

We will no longer collect dues at the national or chapter level.  Internal benchmarking with employees indicated that paying dues was an obstacle to ERG membership, and because of this, our Chairman has removed this obstacle by providing operational funds for our organization.

7. How do I join ICAE?

All new members who are AT&T employees must either go on the AT&T ERG website, http://attergs.com/ or go to ICAE’s membership page, which will direct you the AT&T ERG website to join.

8. What kind of activities/community services/workshops does ICAE support or sponsor?

ICAE supports personal, professional, cultural, civic, and educational programs, nationally and locally, within the Native community, as well as Workshops done at our National Conferences.

9. Can ICAE help me trace my heritage?

Not specifically at this time, but we can refer you to various other organizations and internet websites available which assist with researching Native American ancestry.

10. How do I start a Council?

In order to form a new council there needs to be 5 or more members in good standing in a 25 mile geographical radius and you must contact one of the National officers with the intent to form.

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