ICAE National Council

President: Margo Bernath 
Vice-President: John Miskell
Secretary: Vacant 
Treasurer: Glynis Golden

Local Councils

Children of the Red Feather Council
Southeast Council
President: John Finch
Vice President: Alena Alasdar
Secretary: Brittani Alvarez 
Treasurer: Vacant   

Keepers of the Eastern Flame Council
Northeast Council
President: Angelo Napoli
Vice-President: Darlene Cray
Secretary: Sandy Wygledowski
Treasurer: Glynis Golden

Texas Council
Dallas, TX Council 
President:  Theresa Hoover     
Vice-President: Dale Glenn 
Secretary: Luke Conder
Treasurer: Vacant

Prairie Winds Council
Midwest States Council
President: Bill Woods
Vice President: Kelly Sheridan
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Open

Journey of the Spirit Council 
Northwest States Council 
President:  Lorraine Bellanger     
Vice-President: Kieran Knutson 
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Robert Mattsen

West Bear Claw
California and West Council
President: Kathleen C. Lyons
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary: Julie L. Hermsmeyer
Treasurer: Pamela G. Dealy

Protectors of the Plains 
Oklahoma Council 
President:  Blake Liebmann    
Vice-President: Dan Bishline 
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Jeff Oliver

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